Monday, February 19

Weekend Ride to the "Taj"

A chilly start but can't complain when it's a bluebird day.
Hadn't been to the "Taj Mahal" in years due to logging activity so we were overdue. Hoping we could still find our way in.

Most snow in years

Like water skiing, difficult to stay dry

Doo-lightful snow

Crushing snowflakes

Grasshopper, is that you in the snow swirl?

Looks like the trail in...

"THIS is the Taj Mahal" - not exactly up to expectations!!!

Saving gas - oh, not necessary, it's an e-tec

Waiting for the "trail boss"

Minor delay on the hill
Now that the trail is set, we're hoping to get back in there again this season ....if logging roads aren't plowed. Seized the opportunity. Long day but the trail boss was happy :)

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