Thursday, February 1

Logging Road Riding

Couldn't have picked a better day for a ride. Met at the junction of 8200 and Boundary Roads.
Use caution if you're driving out that way since there is active logging on the 8200 Road and there are narrow areas where you may will encounter loaded logging trucks.

We set out with the idea of cutting the last of the trees and finally getting to the top of Windy Mountain. After about the 4th tree (on the portion of the trail that had already been cleared on a previous ride), we decided that this wasn't how we wanted to spend a beautiful sunny day.

Too much logging activity for a sunny day. Turning around.

No problem riding over this tree.
Found lots of great snow and roads to play on. One lower elevation road had crusty snow conditions so it felt more like being thrown back and forth on a bumper car. Enough of that, back up to the powder.
Taking a moment to enjoy our surroundings.

Team work. Someone has to find the holes.
There's always one last road to check out at the end of the day. Tons of fun. Some of us got quite a workout. Have to get in better shape to keep up with the "older" riders.

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