Friday, November 4


Hi Everyone!

Hope you all had a great summer and are starting to think about the upcoming sledding season.
The Club's next meeting will be Wed. November 9th, 2016 at the Iron Horse in Lone Butte.
Everyone is welcome to attend.
Not sure if you want to be a member, come out and meet the club members and check it out.
Meeting starts at 7 pm.
Come at 6 pm if you plan to have dinner too. Unfortunately, the club is not paying for dinner so bring money for dinner and possibly your membership.

See you all there.

Wednesday, May 4

Club Compared to Wolf Pack

Think of this wolf pack as the Interlakes Snowmobile Club ...haha. 



A wolf pack: the first 3 are the old or sick, they give the pace to the entire pack.
If it was the other way round, they would be left behind, losing contact with the pack.
In case of an ambush they would be sacrificed. 
Then come 5 strong ones, the front line.
In the center are the rest of the pack members, then the 5 strongest following.
Last is alone, the alpha. He controls everything from the rear.
In that position he can see everything, decide the direction. He sees all of the pack.
The pack moves according to the elders pace and help each other, watch each other."

Cesare Brai's photo.

Saturday, March 5

Social Committee Update

It's been another year of limited riding due to a lack of snow in the lower elevations, as well as logging activity in some of our favourite riding areas. 

The Interlakes Snowmobile Club participated in Family Fun Night in 100 Mile House on Jan. 29th.
Marcel and Michelle sold maps and showed slides of various club rides.

The club had a free raffle for a helmet donated by Interlakes Snowmobile Club and Performance All Terrain. The lucky winner was Kathy Haverman of 100 Mile House.

One of the club's older chainsaws was raffled off and won by Roy Nichol of 108 Mile Ranch.
The proceeds of $70 was donated to the South Cariboo Health Foundation.

Last month, the 100 Mile Free Press did a story on the various snowmobile clubs in the area. They mistakenly stated that a membership in the Interlakes Snowmobile Club gave an automatic membership in the Green Lake Club. We are 2 separate clubs and membership in both clubs are separate.

Hopefully some club members will be able to get out riding in the higher elevations.

Monday, February 22

Facebook Page

Hi All
Just wanted to remind you that we have a Facebook page where the Club has been posting photos of our rides.
Check it out, if you haven't already. It is an open page so you do not need a Facebook profile to view it.

Sunday, February 7


Our regular monthly meeting of Wed. Feb 10th has been cancelled.
Also, the Wells Weekend for Feb. 12 - 15th has also been cancelled.

Monday, January 18

Flour Mills

Thanks to Greg for laying a previous track, this can be a twisty, willowy trail through the forest, with some grades and a creek bed.
There was amazing snow up the top, but the willows are winning and you do get a bit beaten up going in and out.  Sadly there was however mist and constant snow one we reached the top, leading to sledding by feel.
Despite watching the weather, it can be hit and miss in these mountainous area, with rapid weather changes, hopefully we can try again.
Regardless we still had a lot of fun and found tons of areas where the snow was fresh and untouched.

Saturday, January 16

Avalanche Awareness

Marcel, Jan and Earl attended the avalanche awareness at 100 mile search and rescue this morning.   We watched a video, and then went over terrain, snow conditions, risk factors etc. which was really good.   We went over the Avalanche Canada website, learned some more about how to use it to our advantage, and how information is gathered and how to add information which we can learn when we are in an area.
Then we all went outside and did some exercises using our beacons, probes and shovels, which was just excellent.  It was a chance to check out several different brands of beacons, and what they can do.   We discussed how to ensure everyone's beacons are working properly prior to heading out on to the trail, doesn't take long to do, and is a very good idea especially when you are heading into mountainous terrain.
We three formed a team, Jan located with the beacon, Earl used the probe and then Marcel did the digging and we successfully located our "victim" which was buried under about a meter of snow.
If the club is interested in Shane and Val coming out, they will go through the program with us all, I found it extremely helpful, and they offered lots of details on how to approach a situation in which someone has been caught in an avalanche.
We now have an idea of how to ensure the area is safe to search, how to search efficiently and how effective our beacons are.  Time is always if the essence in these situations and the more proficient we become, the better our chances of a successful outcome.
We went over emergency gear to carry with us, and Jan got to pull the cord on the inflatable back pack which is intended to keep you on top of snow in the case of an avalanche.
The back country is a marvelous place to be, but as we know weather conditions can rapidly change and the risk of avalanche is out there.  The better educated and prepared we are, the safer we can we be.

Sunday, January 10


Hendrix Ride January 9

The temperature when we all arrived at Hendrix was -20, over 10 colder than our meeting place in 100 Mile, however the recent trend towards inversions held and it got considerably warmer the higher we got.
We had a beautiful sunny day, and the snow is building up nicely.  We were able to make our way into the lower meadows, the final trail proved quite difficult but Marcel was able to lead the way, and we were able to do a bit of work to improve the trail.
The snow was really nice, and there had been little to no traffic, it didn't take long to carve the meadows up.
We made our way up to the hill overlooking the bowl, but there was considerable mist blowing through causing poor visibility, so we chose to play on the hillsides in the surrounding area, which for the most part was undisturbed.  It was a lot of fun and the views were spectacular.  
There are still some rocks showing in this area especially where the snow is windblown so some care has to be taken.
There appeared to be active logging up past the turnoff for Spanish and part way to Hendrix.  The turnoff to Spanish was plowed and seems there is logging going on there as well.
I hope everyone is doing the snow dance, there is a good base in Hendrix and if we can have a couple of feet of powder, it could be pretty awesome.

Wednesday, January 6

Wavey Lake Ride - Jan 5th

First official ride of the New Year.  Hey everyone, where were you?
Only 4 riders came out to enjoy the day. Weather and conditions were way better than most people thought they would be.
Welcome to new members, Val & Dori, first ride with the club.

Started out at the Wavey Lake Road. Haven't been in this area for awhile due to logging.
The first 8 km or so had been plowed but there was fresh snow over it.
Headed to the bottom of the burn area, over to Hager, and out towards Taweel Road.
Stayed mainly on the logging roads and ended up coming back out at Cow Camp without going on any trails??  Don't know how that happened.
Obviously new roads from logging last year.

Have to go back out to this area and explore some more and see what happened to our trails.

Lunch break, no stucks. Good snow conditions. Bring on winter!!