Friday, December 5

Ride Schedule 2014 - 2015

Our tentative Ride Schedule has been posted.  Most of the schedule consists of "TBA" - to be announced.  All rides are subject to weather, snow conditions, logging activity in the area and availability of ride leaders.  Rides will be confirmed closer to the actual dates of the rides.

On that note, first schedule ride is December 28th.  Get your sleds ready!!

Friday, October 24

Meet and Greet

The Interlakes Snowmobile Club will host it’s annual “Meet and Greet” on Wed. November 12, 2014.

All members plus anyone wishing to know more about the club, or is interested in snowmobiling is asked to RSVP to Jeanne McCartney at 250-395 3557.

Happy hour is at 5:30 P.M.  PIZZA AT 6:pm ( $10.00) PER PERSON. B.Y.O.B   Regular meeting at 7 pm.
Anyone wishing to skip the pizza and attend the meeting at 7 pm,  there will be no charge and coffee and cookies will be served.

The meeting place is 6069 Horse Lake Road, the home of Lucille and Rob Armstrong. The meeting is downstairs so please enter though the lower stairs at the back. There is plenty of parking.

Again please RSVP by November 6 if planning to attend the Pizza party.  Hate to run out of pizza.

 More info please call Jan De Repentigny at 250-395-5363,  or Jeanne McCartney at 250-395 -3557

Tuesday, October 7

About our Club

The Interlakes Snowmobile Club would like to welcome new members and to invite anyone interested in a good time in the winter to check out our facebook at
We are a group of sledders who get together for a good time.  We have a wide spectrum of ages from 20 years to 78 years. We have many trails which often lead up into the mountains where we have vast areas to play in. We usually have two rides per week - one on a weekend and one on a weekday and sometimes spontaneous rides depending on weather. The trails which are going to be used for a given ride are brushed out by our trail committee either ahead of or during the ride. Signage is often done by quad travel in the fall.
There are safety regulations which include; No alcohol on rides.  An   approved helmet must be worn.  No passing on trails when the group is moving. Changes in the line up are made during a stop time. When a destination is reached everyone goes their own way with an established spot where the sledders will regroup after play time.  All snowmobiles are required to have third party liability on their sleds before going on a club ride.  The motto is;   any member on a ride will get where the group is going. Everyone helps when we have a stuck rider. There are novice riders and very experienced riders.
There is more fun than just riding. We have several parties per year as well as a three day ride in Wells in late February, early March. Good accommodation and good meals. We will welcome anyone who is interested to drop in to our first meeting of the season. There will be an open dialog regarding where the meetings will be held for the season 2014/2015  Coffee will be served.
The first meeting of the season will be October 8 2014. At 7pm at 6196 Lone Butte Horse Lake Road

For directions call Jeanne at 250-395-3557

Thursday, March 13

Mountain Cariboo Alert

The federal government has decided that the Province of British Columbia’s plan to save the mountain caribou is not working. 
Please see ABC Snow's website for the complete article:

You  have until March 18th, 2014 to send in your comments.

There is a potential for more closures, so as a snowmobiler, make sure to submit your comments.

Saturday, March 1

Big Timothy Ride

 Impromptu ride yesterday to Big Timothy Mountain to take advantage of the weather.  Turned out to be amazing - blue skies, warm temperatures and a fun day.  A bit of everything - hills, meadows, powder, some technical.  To describe the day in one word - "sweet"!

Couldn't ask for better weather.
Play time on the hills

The sky couldn't get any bluer

Stress release

He doesn't always ride at the back!

Rob in action
Up, up and away.

Looking good in orange!
See if you can find Michelle in this picture.

Tuesday, February 25

Wells Weekend 2014

We just returned from our Club's 5th annual weekend excursion to Wells.  We sure lucked out - great snow conditions, good visibility for riding and mostly bare roads for the drive up.

Arrival on Friday afternoon at the Hubs Motel.  Unload once and ride all weekend!
Saturday morning - raring to go - hot lunches and Diane's home baked cookies.
About a 40 km ride to our destination
Lots of powder awaits.
Julien is off to find the steep and deep!
If it's not captured by camera, it didn't happen.

This is not "the Norm"
Lots of snow for the trail machines
Guess why Earl is on Kathi's sled?

Time to find more untouched powder

We all rode pretty hard on Saturday since the conditions were so good.  It was also forecast to be quite cold overnight so we didn't know how much riding we would get in on Sunday. Thanks to Jeanne for coordinating our fun weekend and for getting up before 4 am to make the coffee in the "party room" for the Olympic gold medal Hockey game.  It seemed like a good idea the night before, but I think most of us couldn't get out of bed.
Sunday morning, the temperatures were around -30 and combined with the wind chill from riding, it made for a cold start.  What a picture perfect day though with breathtaking scenery.  Didn't take many pics on Sunday, but check out the view.

Dave and Cheryl from the Bear's Paw Cafe did an outstanding job of keeping us fed all weekend. Delicious meals, especially the ribs ....yum.
Laughter and comradery after some terrific riding
Looks like Ken is trying to keep us quiet - like that would ever happen!
Julien and Chris are sure smiling after enjoying some prime riding

As always, a fantastic weekend.  Can't wait for next year.  

Friday, January 31

Highway 24 South - Jan 30th

Our last ride of January started out at minus 12.  It felt colder since January has been such a warm month.  It didn't take long to forget about the cold as we rode out on the logging roads and up and over our "secret access" to reach some prime riding area. 

Views from the top
Marcel and Norm (the workers) always have at least one tree to cut.
Here comes the sun.
Where's my sled?
The "Taj Mahal"
Lunch in the sun - camo sunglasses to keep in theme with the tree stand.
After lunch we found all kinds of amazing places to ride.  Blue skies, wide open spaces with perfect powder to either learn, practice or perfect our carving skills.  We all had smiles on our faces!!

Perfect day :)
The conditions were so amazing that we carved up all of that perfection.
We played in the logging slashes on the way out.
We had such a fun day that no one wanted to head back to the parking lot but... the sun was going down and the cold was returning.
Until the next ride ...

Monday, January 27

Drewry Ride - Jan 26th

The Club decided to check out the trails around West Drewry Lake yesterday, since we hadn't been in that area for some time.  We had some challenges such as poor visibility, logging and interesting snow conditions.  Some areas had absolutely no base so you know what happens then.  Couldn't get to our look-out due to tremendous tree growth, but wouldn't have seen much through the fog.

Dreary at Drewry (the weather that is)

The "Unstuck Crew" having some social time

Pretty good technical riding skills for a new rider with a small trail machine!!

Help getting out of the deep snow :)

It might have been easier to walk!
Cross ditching or ditch crossing...

One of those instances when the road isn't where it should be.

Always good to get out riding, despite the conditions.  Now if only we could have snow at night and sunny days!! 

Wednesday, January 22

HIghway 24 North

On Tues. Jan. 21st, we met at Opax to explore trails and clearcuts on the north side of Hwy 24.  We had good weather and to our surprise, really good snow conditions.
4 polaris, 6 doos and 2 cats are ready for some fun.
Logging is providing more and more clearcuts to play in!
A new doo is certainly something to smile about!

Beautiful views

We explored a lot of back roads, lakes and clearcuts, with the lakes being in good shape.  I'd be more specific about where we went, but I wasn't riding near Norm to get an overview of where we were!!!  Great day, as always but hopefully more snow is coming for future rides.

Monday, January 20

Big Timothy - Hendrix

Saturday, Jan. 18th
Rode to Big Timothy out of Hendrix Lake. Found the top very wind blown, hard thin snow pack, large rock formations showing. Not a good place to be. Dropped down toward Hendrix, playing in the trees, found some large open meadows with really good snow. Met a couple of riders from 150 Mile, they passed on more information on the area. Tried for other meadows, but the trees got in the way.  Very good day in the end, the ditch play was great.


                                                           Big Timothy near summit

Big Timothy in the background

Thursday, January 16

Granite Mtn. Ride - Jan 15

Rode to Granite Mountain, Clearwater yesterday.  First time riding there for the Blog Editor.
To sum up the day - Wow!  Outstanding views, great riding, lots of play areas and good company.  An all around spectacular day and to top if off - perfect weather.  Definitely one of my top 10 riding days.  Okay, enough gushing.  Check it out for yourself in the following pics:

Blue skies to start and end the day. 

Fantastic views (behind the sleds)

More fantastic views ...
Checking out the rock formations
What a life!
It's not all work for the Prez
What's that hole doing there?

Giving you a better view of the track on my new cat.

And to end off the day, some of us stopped at the High Five Diner on our way home.  Did I already say it was a great day :)
Check out Facebook for more photos to smile about.