Thursday, March 13

Mountain Cariboo Alert

The federal government has decided that the Province of British Columbia’s plan to save the mountain caribou is not working. 
Please see ABC Snow's website for the complete article:

You  have until March 18th, 2014 to send in your comments.

There is a potential for more closures, so as a snowmobiler, make sure to submit your comments.

Saturday, March 1

Big Timothy Ride

 Impromptu ride yesterday to Big Timothy Mountain to take advantage of the weather.  Turned out to be amazing - blue skies, warm temperatures and a fun day.  A bit of everything - hills, meadows, powder, some technical.  To describe the day in one word - "sweet"!

Couldn't ask for better weather.
Play time on the hills

The sky couldn't get any bluer

Stress release

He doesn't always ride at the back!

Rob in action
Up, up and away.

Looking good in orange!
See if you can find Michelle in this picture.