Monday, December 28

Snowmobile Operator Safety Course

Did you know that the BCSF now offers an online Snowmobile Operator Safety course?
Students who complete this online snowmobile safety course get a certificate and an insurance discount.
Go to:

Tuesday, December 15

Snow Conditions at Interlakes

We've been getting lots of emails from people coming up for the holidays and wondering whether to bring their sleds.
It snowed most of the day on Sun. Dec, 12th.  Also some new snow again this morning.
There's a good 5 inches of new snow on top of a frozen layer with at least another 5 inches of snow under that ice layer.
Snow is good in the higher elevations.
Are the trails good to ride?  Our club hasn't been on any trails yet.  Might still be sparse in the treed areas but hopefully more snow coming this week.  Logging roads will be good.
Lakes are NOT safe to go on yet.  Still open water on some area lakes.

Saturday, November 21

Christmas Party Meeting

Next meeting - Christmas Party
Sat. Dec. 12th, 2015
6069 Horse Lake Road (lower back door)
6 pm - Happy hour - bring your own drinks, coffee supplied
7 pm - Pot Luck dinner - Mexican theme
If you wish to participate in the gift exchange, please bring a wrapped gift worth $10 or more if you're in the Christmas spirit :)

If you are coming, please contact Jeanne 250-395-3557 to confirm attendance and let her know what you will be bringing.

See everyone there.

Thursday, October 15

Update on Next Meeting

Due to the stat holiday, our next meeting date has been changed to Wed. Nov. 18th.
This is our "Meet and Greet" meeting, so anyone thinking of joining the club is welcome to attend and meet some of the members.
Location:  6069 Horse Lake Road (back entrance).
6 pm for Pizza, coffee and desserts - $10 per person.
Meeting starts at 7 pm
If you are coming for pizza, please RSVP to Jeanne at 250-395-3557.  Otherwise, feel free to just come to the meeting.
Hope to see you all there.

Tuesday, October 6

Annual General Meeting

Annual General Meeting: Wednesday October 14th, 7 pm
at Joe and Darlene's house at Sheridan Lake. 7 p. m.
As this is the annual meeting we will be holding elections for President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and 3 to 7 directors.
If you would like to nominate someone or put your own name forward please call Jeanne McCartney elections officer at 250 395 3557
Anyone interested in snowmobiling is welcome. Call Jeanne for more info.

Saturday, September 26

Avalanche Seminar


  • Notes
  • Time: 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

    Make sure you and your buddies are prepared this season. A must for backcountry riders of all skill and knowledge levels with revised content for 2015. Learn how to avoid mistakes, human factors in avalanche accidents, and terrain evaluation. The seminar will give you a look at current best practices in avalanche prevention, avalanche rescue gear, and avalanche rescue techniques. The class is very interactive with videos, hands on training and demonstrations - action packed and fun for the participants.

    Pre-registration is strongly recommended because seating is limited. Please contact the dealership to reserve your spot.
  • British Columbia, Canada
  • Date  November 7, 2015

Sunday, February 22

Granite Mountain - Feb 21st

The Club is chasing snow even at the high elevations.
The snow god looks angry!

Beautiful blue sky day.

We can see the view today.

Found a bit of snow.

Picture perfect/

This is where the snow is hiding.
 Not sure where the Club will go next.  Running out of snow.

Monday, February 16

Feb 15th Ride to Hager

Not ready to give up on the snow yet!  5 club members went out in search of the white stuff heading off from Taweel Road.  Mostly a beautiful day with only a couple of snowflakes for a teaser.

Could be more snow but at least we're not in the mud!

Hager Mountain in the background 

Playing around at Hager - no deep stuff but good to be out riding.

Marcel on Jan's sled

Jan on Marcel's sled

Possession is 9/10th of the law
First time at Hager Mountain this season.  Wow - the winter that wasn't!!

Wednesday, January 21

8200 Rd - Jan 20th Ride

10 riders, -10 degrees and perfectly blue skies.  Couldn't have picked a better day for a ride.  Met at the 8200 Road junction. 

Quick stop at Cougar Lake just because we always stop there.

On the way up to Windy Mountain, we encountered active logging just before the trail to the top.  Disappointing  since it was a perfect day to go up there.  Hard to take a photo with the bright sun, but the feller-buncher was actively falling trees right in front of us.

Good snow conditions in the trees.

We checked out countless logging roads.  Not much snow in the open slashes.

Good views.


We finally made it to this viewpoint.  Couldn't find it with the changes in landmarks (lack of trees) but Norm's determination got us there.

If you look close on the road below, you will see Joe's red sled.

Back to the trucks after 99 km of riding.  And only had to cut one tree off the road on this ride.  Awesome day.

Sunday, January 18

Flour Mills - Jan 17th ride

The weather forecast looked promising for a ride into the Flour Mills.  A bit of a trek to get there with the drive out to the 7000 Road.  A groomed road from our parking area allowed a nice cruising speed (thanks to the Mica Mountain Riders).  From the lake, good snow conditions on the trail in.

Stopped at the lower meadows to "warm up" the sleds.

Great powder conditions and blue sky making an appearance.
We played around on the way over to the "big meadow" area.

Some riders had no difficulties.
Love the orange sled - we always know who it is!!
She has a way of making it all look easy :)

Coming to see why there were a few missing riders

Kathi wanted to go a different way than her sled.
Finally (without elaborating on the delay pictured above), everyone showed up at the 6400 foot level but at that elevation, the fog set in.  We ate our lunch and it only got worse.  It was too cold to sit around and wait for a possible break so we headed down with a few play stops along the way.  For the riders who had never been in before, we didn't get to see this tremendous riding area.  Next time.

Wednesday, January 14

Jan 13th 2015 ride

Hey y'all - hope you've been checking out our Facebook page for Club photos and events.
It's been a challenge to find ride destinations this season.  Snow conditions are icy at lower elevations. Also, lots of logging and plowed roads leaving many riding areas off limits.
Got out yesterday for a leisurely ride on the south side of Hwy. 24.

Beautiful weather and scenic with the frost covered trees.
Those who didn't have to work yesterday :)
No new sleds this year but Syd did get a new jacket.  His old jacket got into a fight with his track and didn't stand a chance!!

Back at the Taj Mahal via our alternate route.  Love the advice received - the trail in may look like crap but just ride through it since it actually is awesome.  No stucks so good advice!!
Snow conditions are good once you break through the ice layer. 
Checking out the overgrown logging roads and finding a place to turn around in the brush !
Easy riding through the trees yesterday.  No chainsaws needed.
Beautiful sunset on the drive home but we really do need more snow.