Monday, February 21

Hendrix Mountain Ride

Started out with 6 riders on Saturday, ended with 5.
Don't worry the 6th rider made it home safely.
Interesting day. Experienced every weather type from sun to almost white out conditions.

All three major food groups on display, except for Yamaha.
Arctic Cat - carbs
Polaris - protein
Doo - Fruits & Vegies
Yamaha - fats 
Male and female (yin/yang) represented too!

Found some pockets of good snow when the visibility cooperated.

    Looks like the loggers left us a heart on the hillside behind.

Monday, February 7

Into the Deep

Saturday\s ride to Big T - Deep!  Nice day!! Awesome workout!!!

There isn't enough snow

Checking out the view

Beauty day :)

When nobody was stuck!

Let's see what kind of trouble we can get into over there

No worries - it's just a dusting

70 km day. One rider was in the red fuel zone on the way down. Energy level probably matched.
One of those days when everything lined up - good weather and snow!

Sunday, January 30

Sheridan Trails

 Great to see so many of our new riders out yesterday (Saturday). The club has about 17 new members this year. If you have suggestions on where you want to ride and whether a weekday or weekend works better for you, please send an email to the club at

This is your club too, so make it work for you! Otherwise the more experienced riders will probably choose "deeper snow" riding areas

Not the best snow conditions yesterday, could certainly use a reset BUT really good company!

That's what it's all about.

This is only the 2nd time the Club has been on the Sheridan trails in the past 2 years. Fires and blow down has taken a toll. Could use some clean up.
Created a diversion - NOT lost!!

If you haven't been riding yet, it's almost February. Start the sled!

Friday, January 28

Wish you were here (not really!!)

Yesterday was one of those near perfect Cariboo days. All that was missing to make it perfect was fresh powder and the Blog Editor (tee hee)

The Prez says: 

"The trail in was a gnarly one. Worse when riding out, when the body is played out.
Group of 9 today, a good ride. 8k of freshly groom trail, that was really nice coming out."

That smile says it all

The positive side of shift work

Fear doesn't get you anywhere

Tell me why you don't like winter again?

Snow ghost surveying its territory

Writing in the snow

The view is pretty awesome from the top

Saturday, November 6

Membership Drive

Another upcoming sled season (insert cheering here)!

The club is holding a membership drive: 

Saturday, November 13th, 2021

11 am - 2 pm

Interlakes Store Parking Lot (west end)

Come out and say hi, renew your membership and meet a few of the members. 

Rates: Primary $60 / Secondary $55 / Senior $50 / Child under 16 or Non Rider $25

Cash, cheque or E-transfer or renew online (Paypal)

Renew from now until November 13th and be entered in a draw.

Send us an email: or a Facebook message if you can't make it on Nov. 13th and want to send an e-transfer to be entered in the draw

FIRST PRIZE: Gift certificate for CKX Helmet with goggles from Performance All-Terrain  $500 value.  Choose your size and colour. 

Sunday, April 11

It's a Wrap

 What!!! Has it really been that long since the last blog post. 

Still in disbelief that the riding season is over. What an amazing sport, especially during a pandemic. 

Late season riding was a surprise. A few unexpected snow falls kept us riding just one more ride.

Here's some random photos from the past month. Enjoy!

When you pick the route that has a tree stump below the snow

Surprise late season powder

Don't look back

Smiles for miles

Is my sled okay?

Fun in the sun

What could possibly go wrong?

Views for miles

That afternoon when the snow conditions won

April meadow riding

Last ride of the season

I'm gardening

Still gardening

Awesomest views

April 10th snow load - remind me why I'm parking my sled!

My sled is resting

Wrong foot forward sidehill practice across slope

Last tracks of the season

Okay, just a little sad that the riding season is over. Have an amazing summer everyone.

Sunday, February 28

Last Couple of Rides

Every year, we do one ride out of Womack Road at Deka Lake and every year we wonder why? 
Because it's trail riding, the Club hopes some of the new riders will join us but they never seem to, leaving us "old riders" to complain about the moguls. 
Somebody has to be first

Sometimes it's better to sit back and watch
Nice snow conditions
The first time the leader tried to lose us through the trees
When I get stuck, I make it worthwhile
3 riders  - 1 sled

A week later, more fresh powder (insert cheering) and another bluebird day (chirp, chirp). Those are happy chirps.
All the riders think their front side is their best side
Sled count before moving on, haven't left anyone behind YET
Round and round Jeanne's hill
Do these sleds make us look fat?
Rider in action
Blaming the log for the stuckfest