Sunday, April 11

It's a Wrap

 What!!! Has it really been that long since the last blog post. 

Still in disbelief that the riding season is over. What an amazing sport, especially during a pandemic. 

Late season riding was a surprise. A few unexpected snow falls kept us riding just one more ride.

Here's some random photos from the past month. Enjoy!

When you pick the route that has a tree stump below the snow

Surprise late season powder

Don't look back

Smiles for miles

Is my sled okay?

Fun in the sun

What could possibly go wrong?

Views for miles

That afternoon when the snow conditions won

April meadow riding

Last ride of the season

I'm gardening

Still gardening

Awesomest views

April 10th snow load - remind me why I'm parking my sled!

My sled is resting

Wrong foot forward sidehill practice across slope

Last tracks of the season

Okay, just a little sad that the riding season is over. Have an amazing summer everyone.

Sunday, February 28

Last Couple of Rides

Every year, we do one ride out of Womack Road at Deka Lake and every year we wonder why? 
Because it's trail riding, the Club hopes some of the new riders will join us but they never seem to, leaving us "old riders" to complain about the moguls. 
Somebody has to be first

Sometimes it's better to sit back and watch
Nice snow conditions
The first time the leader tried to lose us through the trees
When I get stuck, I make it worthwhile
3 riders  - 1 sled

A week later, more fresh powder (insert cheering) and another bluebird day (chirp, chirp). Those are happy chirps.
All the riders think their front side is their best side
Sled count before moving on, haven't left anyone behind YET
Round and round Jeanne's hill
Do these sleds make us look fat?
Rider in action
Blaming the log for the stuckfest

Thursday, February 18

Perfect Day

Any day of riding is a good day but some days have more of a WOW factor. Yesterday's ride had all the key ingredients.


The only thing that would make this photo perfect would be having the gals in it

Turning around the challenging way

Trying to get to the beaver meadow for lunch

What could possibly go wrong?

The moment when you see fresh powder with no tracks

View from behind bars

Glad we believed our Club weatherman over the public forecast. Can't wait to get out again while there's so much powder.

Tuesday, February 16

After the Deep Freeze

A week of frigid weather kept us off our sleds. Prior to the deep freeze, we had a few big snowfalls so now we can go anywhere again.
What a great day - amazing powder, lake play, logging slashes and new discoveries.
And in case you haven't ridden with the Blog Editor - Did I tell you how much I love my sled (lol)!!!

Blurry boys - must be still frozen

Ride it like you stole it !!

Enough snow to play in the logging slashes

Someone had to fix up the trail 

Beautiful view of Caverhill Lake

Taj lake play

Okayest sledder

When you see fresh powder

And it's snowing big huge flakes again. Aren't you excited to ride again?

Saturday, January 30

Making Tracks

Aren't we lucky to be able to ride on a Friday with lots of fresh untracked powder.
10 riders equals 10 times the fun !

Trying to round up a couple of stray cats

A wee rest after tracking up the lake

There were 10 of us !!

That moment when everyone's behaving


 So much fun. Love that we have adventurous leaders that know so many hidden play areas to pop into.