Thursday, March 21

Last 2 rides of the season ???

Spring has sprung ...with a lot of hot air.
The warmth sure feels good but not good for riding at the lower elevations and no new snow at the higher elevations.
The Club went out this past Sunday and Tuesday - both awesome rides despite the combination of freeze and melt.

Sunday funday ride.

Decisions, decisions ....what road next?
New logging slash - more great views

Enjoying the view, at least for a minute

Lone representative of the female riders

Last rest of Sunday's ride - heading for the barn

Tuesday's ride - another new area. Definitely riding here again next season. Another secret place (hahaha).

Doo-lightful day

Modelling for Ski-doo

Lots of play area - envision this after a fresh snowfall

Terrain for everyone

Maybe the die-hard sledders in the club will do another ride. We will see what Mother Nature's decision is.
If you're interested in back country riding, you should join the club next season.

Tuesday, March 12

Taj South

Sunday's ride. Smaller group. Great snow again.
New play areas.

Hot lunch day

View to the sunny south

Leaving on a jet plane

There was a Cub Road too but no bears yet

Still more rides to come.

Wavey - Heger area

Back to back riding days again.
The season is short so may as well go for it while there's snow.

Start of another good snow day

Drilling a well


Not resting

Lunch not in the sun

Practicing getting stuck while side hilling

Norm coming down Jeanne's hill

Guards of cow camp

Back of the line and the last photo

Sunday, March 3

Opax area

Saturday's ride. Temps of -29C north of town and -19C at Opax. Still a cold start.
The forecast for warmer afternoon weather inspired 10 riders to come out and play before the next polar vortex.

Parking lot drama - actually no mishaps yet

Love all the bright colours.
 In the past, everyone wore black with black sleds and you could end up riding with the wrong group.

Polaris turns on a dime

More great snow to track out

Top of somewhere

Feb 28th Secret Ride

Good snow and good temperatures on this ride. 
Not telling where we were - the Club can't share all of their ride areas. Have to keep you guessing.

One thorn amidst the doos - just joking!

Another Doo rider 

New blue doo

Big flat play area - awesome snow conditions and we were first in - yaaaay.
Don't look for our tracks.

Thanks to the loggers for the play area

Monday, February 25

Heger Mountain

Weekend ride from Wavey to Heger.
11 riders. Good snow, clearing skies, a recipe for a pretty good day.

Start of another good ride

Heading in

Working up an appetite

The Prez seeking adventure

One of the "new guys" enjoying the powder

Discovered the powder bowl

Thanks mother nature for the new snow - sure was needed.

Not windy on Windy

After a few years of trying to make it to the top of Windy Mountain, the club finally made it. (insert cheering and clapping here)
Whenever we tried to go up, we spent hours cutting downed trees on the trail instead. We were close a few times but no reward for all the work
OR it would be a sunny day so we would choose to ride elsewhere.

Now that the trail is finally clear, let's hope it stays that way for  awhile.

This is the TOP

Bonus - no wind

Through the trees...

The weather station (not a ladder to get higher)

Lake break

No longer "the new rider"

First to track it up :)

D(andy) day
For those who have been waiting to get up Windy, go now before more trees come down.