Tuesday, March 3

More sledding fun

Thursday, Feb. 27th ride from Opax north of Highway 24. Logging in this area will be starting soon so that means plowed roads.
8 riders took advantage of the snow. When we started out from Opax, it was like a freeway. So many other riders had been in before us. Lucky for us, we still have some secret trails to areas no other sledders had been into. Another reason to join the club. 

Getting off the sledding freeway and into the snow

Weatherman was wrong about the sun but more snow is always welcome

The 2 J's - red jay and blue jay

This is how to park a sled

Traffic jam in the back country

On the move again to another area

Terrain for everyone - lakes, unplowed roads and logging slashes

Polaris bucks off 1st rider

Same Polaris bucks off 2nd rider

Polaris owner not being bucked off

Stuckfest of the day

Rogue Polaris aka bucking bronco

Catching our breath after working up a sweat
What a fun day! Looks like March might cooperate for us sledders after all.

Monday, February 17

8200 Road

Met at the junction of 8000 & 8200 Road. Haven't rode out here in ages due to logging.
To our surprise, the road was unplowed right from the junction. Bonus.
We started out with 10 riders - 1 rider on a brand new Polaris!!!

Another beautiful day - 10 riders getting ready to go

Blue sled, blue sky, sparkling snow

If you look close, you will see a commotion on the hill. Some events are better left in the distance.

May as well enjoy the beautiful views while waiting for the guys to deal with the "event" on the hill

Sled repair completed. No injuries to rider. Unfortunately, the end of the riding day for 2 riders.

Pristine when the snow covers the logging debris

Checking out the route - down to 8 riders!!

More views.
Surprising how great the snow was. A really good day for most of us.

Thursday, February 13

Big Timothy

Biggest turn out for a ride in a long time. Must have been the blue bird day. 
We started out with 15 riders in the parking lot. Unfortunately one sled was missing a "key" ingredient so couldn't come. 

Lucky the parking area could accommodate all of us

Trying out the new Cobras - longer than a bungee and next best thing to a tow truck!!

Blue skies smiling down on us

Regrouping again

Waiting for the rest of the crew who were having a pre-lunch workout

Hey, hey, the gang's all here. This is where we leave one more rider behind with sled problems.

Carving hearts for valentines day

Look out - Norm's making plans

Thanks to Jim and Vic for doing such a great job of keeping track of everyone. Not easy with this many riders.

The sled had its own agenda. Could have been worse - no tree well.

All tracked out, all tuckered out and time to go home.

Tuesday, February 11

Ladies Clinic - Wells

Jan and Kathi went to the Ladies Clinic in Wells on the weekend of January 18th. The guys got to explore and get into trouble without the ladies. There were a few moments!!
Briefing and introductions

Sidehilling techniques

Carving - eyes up

A mess

Sunday, February 9

February Meeting

February's meeting has been cancelled.

Must ride while the snow's so good!!!

See you all at the March meeting which is the last meeting of the season.

Friday, February 7

Taweel area

Good powder. Good company. Good fun.
Ride was all about swamps, lakes, logging roads and hills.
7 riders at the start and end of the day :)

I have your back when riding at the back

No hot lunch today.

See you on the next ride.

Friday, January 31

Almost Heger Mountain

 Fortunately, there's still snow to be found at elevation. Some of our favourite riding areas are still off-limit due to logging. It was a good day to be out showing our new riders a bit of the back country.

Mandatory photo stop

Surprised to see all the snow laden trees

I had a sled just a minute ago!

I hope these aren't frozen riders

The sun was trying to make an appearance

Action at the top and bottom of the hill

Not too much slush
No speeding tickets out here

Leaving our tracks

The new riders taking a breather after learning some side hilling skills
Where are all the other new club members? Come out and join us. We'll make sure you get back to your vehicle at the end of the day!