Thursday, November 15

Prizes for Snow Show

CKX helmet generously donated by Performance All Terrain. 

Just one of the prizes you can win at our Snow Show

Nov. 24th - 11 am - 3 pm - Agriplex beside arena in 100 Mile

Snow Show 2018 100 Mile House

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Monday, November 5

Snow Show in 100 Mile House

We are planning an outdoor, family friendly, fun event to promote sledding in the Cariboo.
Everyone is welcome to visit with our local clubs and businesses.
Whether you are new to sledding, thinking about sledding, an expert sledder or just want to have some fun, please join us on Nov. 24th.
We will be in the big parking lot at the end of Airport by the Cariboo Rec. Center. We will have draws, an open concession, fun stuff for the kids and a chance to check out the latest in sleds, equipment and trailers. 
Please check back for further details.

Friday, April 20

Last Ride of the Season

What a season - last ride was on April 19th to Big Tim.
Wow - don't think we've ever ridden so late in April.

If there's snow in town, there's snow up high.

Early enough that it's still frozen in the parking area.
Perfect blue bird day. Uncomplicated. Almost no stucks - just one tree well incident.
Superman snow. Could go anywhere. 

The dark speck on the hill is a sled.

Tracking out the hills.

Perfect day for a last ride. So spoiled with all the snow this season. Can hardly wait until next season. 

Sunday, February 25

Back Country Fun

No shortage of snow this year. Best riding conditions in a long time.
Can venture into the same area twice and it's as if we've never been there.

Saturday's ride included a bit of logging road riding, play time in the logging slashes, some lake play and a bit of ditch play.

Couples who ride together have more fun!!

Lake play 

Group photo time ....groan.

Used to play in this logging slash - trees have sure grown - the black speck in the trees is a sled

Quick rollover

Experimenting with black and white photography

Looks like the sweep's sled. STUCK...can't be - must be someone else riding it.

This is what the view is like when you finally get off the trail

What are they all doing in the ditch?

Ooops moment
Always a good day when everyone has fun. Some riders are enjoying back to back riding days. Oh, if only there were no sore muscles at the end of the day.

Monday, February 19

Weekend Ride to the "Taj"

A chilly start but can't complain when it's a bluebird day.
Hadn't been to the "Taj Mahal" in years due to logging activity so we were overdue. Hoping we could still find our way in.

Most snow in years

Like water skiing, difficult to stay dry

Doo-lightful snow

Crushing snowflakes

Grasshopper, is that you in the snow swirl?

Looks like the trail in...

"THIS is the Taj Mahal" - not exactly up to expectations!!!

Saving gas - oh, not necessary, it's an e-tec

Waiting for the "trail boss"

Minor delay on the hill
Now that the trail is set, we're hoping to get back in there again this season ....if logging roads aren't plowed. Seized the opportunity. Long day but the trail boss was happy :)

Friday, February 16

Windy Mountain NOT

WOW to the riding conditions lately. Sunny days and lots of new snow. Even when we go to the same riding area a 2nd time, you would never know that we have been there.
Same goes for Windy Mountain. Doesn't seem to matter how many trees we cut off the trail, they keep reappearing.
Postcard perfect day

Gals get to ride at the back for this ride (since we're not getting stuck!!)

Guys at the front - doing the hard work

When we see all the gear beside the trail, we know not to proceed. Can't be good!!

Had it with Windy Mountain - more great areas await.

Enough riding at the back - bring on some challenges

Guys hanging out while the gals play

Our Sweep waiting for the stragglers

She'll be coming around the mountain...
If you are planning to ride up Windy Mountain, do not take "the face trail" unless you are a very experienced rider. With the steep slope, large amounts of snow and side hilling required, you could easily find yourself in danger. And not much room for turning around. 

The rides this season just keep getting better :) Windy Mountain - you win (for now)...we will get to the top before the riding season is over.