Sunday, February 3

Opax to Opax

1st day and 1st ride of February.
4 riders - 4 lakes (maybe not, but sounded good)

1st stop - 1st lake - Dragon Lake

We weren't lost on this ride even though there was no sign of Deer Lake

Lunch on Monticola Lake - 2nd lake if you're counting

TeePee trail

TeePee Lake

Found some roads with good snow and no other tracks.
Planned to get out again on Saturday but the polar vortex beat us.
Get your indoor chores done this week. More riding awaits.

Thursday, January 31

English Lake & Area

Somehow the Club keeps finding places to go with some snow.
Lucky 7 - the number of riders that were able to ride on a Tuesday.

Our previous club ride ended with pulling out a stuck truck and this ride started with pulling out a stuck truck. No names mentioned - an oooops moment!!!

When all else fails, look at a map.

Looking down on English Lake

End of the day - another beautiful Cariboo sunset.

Friday, January 25

Tortoise, Thuya, Taj Ride

The 3 T's ride, first stop Tortoise Lake, then past Thuya Lakes and on to the Taj Mahal. 11 riders with the president from the Kamloops Club joining our group and a couple more new club members.
First time into the Taj this season. Snow conditions were pretty good.

Compared to town, it's a winter wonderland

This is it - the Taj Mahal
A little rest stop after roaring around in a slash

Lunch in the sun again - starting to become a habit

A much warmer day than last year when we rode into the Taj Mahal and almost froze our eyeballs off. But also not as much snow to play in.  Maybe February will bring us more.

Tuesday, January 22

Bridge Lake North

Hey y'all, did you see the full blood moon eclipse the other night. At 8 am yesterday morning, that beautiful big moon was just going to bed.

Only 4 riders turned up for potentially clearing trails. Guess what, the saws were not needed.
It's a good thing that sleds have skis - they were needed :)

The Club's Skandic is also a boat

Lunch in the sun again ...sigh, beautiful but fresh snow would be better

One of our new club members led us around from Bridge Lake to English Lake and up onto Windy South Road. From there - the Windy/English Road - a beautiful view up top. Reiterate, more snow needed for play. Richard showed the sweep his new ditch riding capabilities - actually pretty impressive.

Only major stuck of the day was a pickup truck going up the Windy Mountain Road. Got stuck in a snowbank. Lots of digging and a pull from the Skandic and we had them on their way.

The sweep's road name in the background excluding the North.

Supposed to snow tonight, well at least all around us. Maybe it will land where it's needed.

Wednesday, January 16

Big Tim Ride

What's not to love about the Big Tim/Hendrix area. The only complaint is that there still isn't enough snow. Especially when the weekend sledders have already been in there :)
Actually, it's a big area and there is always untracked snow to be found.

These aren't all the Club's tracks but makes for a good patterned photo.

Beautiful scenery - check out the snow ghost.
At the top the snow is hard and windblown but it's still great to get up there to admire the views, especially when we have new riders. The conditions made it easy for everyone to get up there.

The peak of Big Tim  - gotta love the blue skies.

One of the club's new riders enjoying the view

Lunch time - basking in the sunshine

If it doesn't snow soon, we're going to run out of places to ride. Might have to do a road trip!!!

Monday, January 14

Wavey Heger Ride

Welcome to all of our new members - 11 new members this season which is awesome because we need riders to keep this club alive.

Yesterday's ride was out of Wavey Lake Road - 12 riders in the sunshine.

Rode to Cow Camp - first time out there this year. Snow conditions were pretty good considering there hasn't been a snowfall in awhile.

Continued on to Heger and had lunch at the usual spot.

Beautiful blue skies and sun.
There was enough snow to play around even on Jeanne's hill. Chewed up (redistributed) the snow in the meadows on the way in and out.

Do cats really climb trees?
Until next ride ...

Tuesday, January 8

Meeting Change

The Interlakes Snowmobile Club will now hold monthly meetings at the Lone Butte Hall.

January's meeting will be held Friday, January 11th at 7 pm. Friday was the only availability for the hall.
February and March's meeting will be held the 2nd Thursday of the month. If you are a member, you will receive an email reminder of the meeting.

Any questions, feel free to email or FB message the club.