Friday, March 24

March 23rd Ride

Hey everyone, just because there has been no new posts on the blog in awhile doesn't mean the club hasn't been riding.  Still good snow conditions in the higher elevations.
Yesterday's ride was out of Wavey Lake Road to Hager Mountain area, pictures below.

Also went back to "the burn" area. After all the tree clearing on that trail in January, wouldn't you know it, there were more trees down. Had to use a hand saw since no one brought the club's power saw. We were able to cut the limbs off one larger tree and go under it. Had another tree to go under going downhill. One rider's sled went down the hill by itself (didn't have the camera ready!!)

Always a great time riding with the club. Still a few more rides planned so don't put the sleds away yet.

Lunch stop on Hager Lake there such a lake??