Monday, April 8

Wind-Up Party

On Saturday, April 6th, our club met for the final meeting of the season, combined with our wind-up party.  The McCartney's welcomed us all to their household for a steak barbeque and potluck dinner. 

The cake says it all:

I mentioned in another post that when we are not sledding, we are socializing and eating.  Hey, it's always good to have some other skills!!
Marcel and Norm barbequed the steaks to juicy perfection.  And did I talk about the cream puffs.  Angie makes the most scrumptious "over the top" cream puffs.



We did a quick check on the score for the Canadian curling team

Anyone for seconds!!
After dinner, Marcel showed us some great videos of our outings.  We really are lucky to live in an area with so many amazing riding areas.
If you are reading this post and are thinking about joining the club or getting into riding next winter, don't hesitate.  What a fun way to relieve stress, get out and see our back country, meet some new people, get some exercise and possibly learn some new skills from other riders.
Thanks to everyone that volunteers countless hours to our club as officers, directors, social committee, trail work, leaders for our rides and of course, our trusty sweep.  Like any club, new energy is always welcome to keep the momentum going.