Sunday, October 15

Important Notice - Trail Closure

The quad/snowmobile trail from the Interlakes Corner to the dump, north of Wildman's Restaurant, is no longer available for public use. That portion of the trail crosses through private properties that have now been sold and are being developed.
In the past, we were given "temporary" permission by a local Real Estate developer to use the trail with the understanding that when the lots were sold, the trail would no longer be available for use.
We are asking riders, hikers, and any other form of trail user, to respect private property and the privacy of the owners who have purchased these properties for their personal use.
The next meeting of the Interlakes Snowmobile Club will be a Meet & Greet.
PLACE: Wildman's Family Restaurant
DATE: Wed. November 8th, 2017 
TIME: Social- 6 pm; Meeting & dinner: 7 pm. Each person attending must pay for their dinner.   
We invite anyone with an interest in identifying and developing an alternative route, to attend and share your thoughts.
In the past, the Interlakes Snowmobile Club has developed multi use trail systems in the area. These trail systems are registered with the Government and are pretty much permanent. An example is the trail running south from Judson Rd, over Bridge Creek to the dump, then west to Fawn Lake. The bridge over Bridge Creek was built by members of the Interlakes Snowmobile Club through volunteer hours with the materials and money donated by local businesses.
At this time, the Interlakes Snowmobile Club is not in a position to develop a trail from the Interlakes Corner north to the Fawn Lake trail, since we do not have sufficient membership numbers. The Club is healthy financially but lacks volunteer manpower. If we can get an additional 10 to 20 members with an interest in developing this trail and forming a committee, this can be done. Or, if there is another trail minded local group that would take on the development, the Club would be more than happy to be part of it.
The South Sheridan Lake trails were developed and registered by the Interlakes Snowmobile Club more than 15 years ago. The Club no longer maintains that trail system, but the trails remain, because they are registered.
Currently, the Interlakes Snowmobile Club has a Trail Management Agreement with Recreation Sites and Trails BC. This involves maintaining in part approximately 110 kms of the Barnett Perimeter Trail, north of Hwy 24 to Windy Mtn, west to Drewry Lake onto Doman Rd.
You can also leave comments at our Facebook page, or send an email to : .
Other reasons to join the Interlakes Snowmobile Club:
  • social aspect - meet new people
  • safer to ride in a group
  • organized rides and getaway riding weekends
  • ride in new areas
  • Snowmobile clubs are members of the BC Snowmobile Federation which is the voice for snowmobiling in British Columbia - important if we want to maintain our existing riding areas
  • liability insurance is not as expensive when you are a club member
  • liability insurance coverage when working on trails with the club
Hope to see you at Wildman's on November 8th.

Saturday, April 15

In Memory

In Memory of Joe Maddalozzo
our fellow club member and friend
who will be sadly missed.

"Do not stand at my grave and weep
I am not there; I do not sleep
I am a thousand winds that blow
I am the diamond glints on snow ..."
Excerpt from poem, Mary Elizabeth Frye 1932

So many good memories.
Excerpt from Mary Elizabeth FryMe, 1932M

Friday, March 24

March 23rd Ride

Hey everyone, just because there has been no new posts on the blog in awhile doesn't mean the club hasn't been riding.  Still good snow conditions in the higher elevations.
Yesterday's ride was out of Wavey Lake Road to Hager Mountain area, pictures below.

Also went back to "the burn" area. After all the tree clearing on that trail in January, wouldn't you know it, there were more trees down. Had to use a hand saw since no one brought the club's power saw. We were able to cut the limbs off one larger tree and go under it. Had another tree to go under going downhill. One rider's sled went down the hill by itself (didn't have the camera ready!!)

Always a great time riding with the club. Still a few more rides planned so don't put the sleds away yet.

Lunch stop on Hager Lake there such a lake??

Monday, January 9

Jan. 8th Ride - King Lakes & Beyond

Even though the rides are supposed to be cancelled if it is -15 or colder, sometimes everyone just shows up ready to ride.  -19C in the morning and blue skies.

A trail riding day - exploring different routes and trying to bypass the plowed logging roads.

 We started the morning playing around on Earl & Michelle's property to warm up.

King of his field.

Heading off to explore the trails.

West King Lake - staying warm so far.

Good visibility for a change but it didn't help us find the road we were looking for. We rode around the different logging slashes looking for a road that was there 2 years ago but determined that the road must have been rehabbed.

The road wasn't the only thing that was missing. Looks like a few riders are missing their sleds!

Jim ended the day with a broken visor on his helmet (from the crazy trail into English Lake) and a broken ramp for his sled deck. He had to find a snowbank that was tall enough to get the sled onto the deck. Ooops, the first snowbank didn't work.

This little windshield was just in the way!!
Success at last. Got a little airborne but finally loaded.

Monday, January 2

New Years Day Ride 2017

Happy New Year everyone.

What a terrific way to begin the new year. Temperatures of - 12C, sunshine and lots of powder.
8 riders started their new year off doing what they love! A big welcome to our new rider, Vic.

Met at the Wavey Lake Road, then off to Cow Camp. Some of us hadn't been in that area in years due to logging activity.

From there, we rode to "Pickup Lake". Don't know what the lake is really called but regardless of the name, there was lots of powder.

Then we were off to Hager Mountain breaking trail through the deep powder. Absolutely no base so you just had to keep the power on. For those of us who haven't been riding in some time, after a few minor stucks, it was "game on".  Lunch was at our usual stopping place on the knoll.

Our leader was first to check out some higher ground. Not recommended until we get more snow to cover the obstacles.

Lots of minor "stucks" throughout the day. We had just been talking about the term "ditch pickle", so the photo above illustrates that term!

Made it up to "the burn". This was the first of many stops on that trail to cut trees. Riding at the back has it advantages. The trail is not cleared through to Deka yet. Another day.

Knowing how to do the back stoke is helpful.

Trying to find bottom.

Hopefully the club can get out riding again midweek (weather dependent).