Friday, October 24

Meet and Greet

The Interlakes Snowmobile Club will host it’s annual “Meet and Greet” on Wed. November 12, 2014.

All members plus anyone wishing to know more about the club, or is interested in snowmobiling is asked to RSVP to Jeanne McCartney at 250-395 3557.

Happy hour is at 5:30 P.M.  PIZZA AT 6:pm ( $10.00) PER PERSON. B.Y.O.B   Regular meeting at 7 pm.
Anyone wishing to skip the pizza and attend the meeting at 7 pm,  there will be no charge and coffee and cookies will be served.

The meeting place is 6069 Horse Lake Road, the home of Lucille and Rob Armstrong. The meeting is downstairs so please enter though the lower stairs at the back. There is plenty of parking.

Again please RSVP by November 6 if planning to attend the Pizza party.  Hate to run out of pizza.

 More info please call Jan De Repentigny at 250-395-5363,  or Jeanne McCartney at 250-395 -3557

Tuesday, October 7

About our Club

The Interlakes Snowmobile Club would like to welcome new members and to invite anyone interested in a good time in the winter to check out our facebook at
We are a group of sledders who get together for a good time.  We have a wide spectrum of ages from 20 years to 78 years. We have many trails which often lead up into the mountains where we have vast areas to play in. We usually have two rides per week - one on a weekend and one on a weekday and sometimes spontaneous rides depending on weather. The trails which are going to be used for a given ride are brushed out by our trail committee either ahead of or during the ride. Signage is often done by quad travel in the fall.
There are safety regulations which include; No alcohol on rides.  An   approved helmet must be worn.  No passing on trails when the group is moving. Changes in the line up are made during a stop time. When a destination is reached everyone goes their own way with an established spot where the sledders will regroup after play time.  All snowmobiles are required to have third party liability on their sleds before going on a club ride.  The motto is;   any member on a ride will get where the group is going. Everyone helps when we have a stuck rider. There are novice riders and very experienced riders.
There is more fun than just riding. We have several parties per year as well as a three day ride in Wells in late February, early March. Good accommodation and good meals. We will welcome anyone who is interested to drop in to our first meeting of the season. There will be an open dialog regarding where the meetings will be held for the season 2014/2015  Coffee will be served.
The first meeting of the season will be October 8 2014. At 7pm at 6196 Lone Butte Horse Lake Road

For directions call Jeanne at 250-395-3557