Sunday, February 22

Granite Mountain - Feb 21st

The Club is chasing snow even at the high elevations.
The snow god looks angry!

Beautiful blue sky day.

We can see the view today.

Found a bit of snow.

Picture perfect/

This is where the snow is hiding.
 Not sure where the Club will go next.  Running out of snow.

Monday, February 16

Feb 15th Ride to Hager

Not ready to give up on the snow yet!  5 club members went out in search of the white stuff heading off from Taweel Road.  Mostly a beautiful day with only a couple of snowflakes for a teaser.

Could be more snow but at least we're not in the mud!

Hager Mountain in the background 

Playing around at Hager - no deep stuff but good to be out riding.

Marcel on Jan's sled

Jan on Marcel's sled

Possession is 9/10th of the law
First time at Hager Mountain this season.  Wow - the winter that wasn't!!