Tuesday, February 25

Wells Weekend 2014

We just returned from our Club's 5th annual weekend excursion to Wells.  We sure lucked out - great snow conditions, good visibility for riding and mostly bare roads for the drive up.

Arrival on Friday afternoon at the Hubs Motel.  Unload once and ride all weekend!
Saturday morning - raring to go - hot lunches and Diane's home baked cookies.
About a 40 km ride to our destination
Lots of powder awaits.
Julien is off to find the steep and deep!
If it's not captured by camera, it didn't happen.

This is not "the Norm"
Lots of snow for the trail machines
Guess why Earl is on Kathi's sled?

Time to find more untouched powder

We all rode pretty hard on Saturday since the conditions were so good.  It was also forecast to be quite cold overnight so we didn't know how much riding we would get in on Sunday. Thanks to Jeanne for coordinating our fun weekend and for getting up before 4 am to make the coffee in the "party room" for the Olympic gold medal Hockey game.  It seemed like a good idea the night before, but I think most of us couldn't get out of bed.
Sunday morning, the temperatures were around -30 and combined with the wind chill from riding, it made for a cold start.  What a picture perfect day though with breathtaking scenery.  Didn't take many pics on Sunday, but check out the view.

Dave and Cheryl from the Bear's Paw Cafe did an outstanding job of keeping us fed all weekend. Delicious meals, especially the ribs ....yum.
Laughter and comradery after some terrific riding
Looks like Ken is trying to keep us quiet - like that would ever happen!
Julien and Chris are sure smiling after enjoying some prime riding

As always, a fantastic weekend.  Can't wait for next year.