Monday, January 29

Wavey Lake Road to Hager

Finally able to get to one of our favourite riding places. Parked on the Wavey Lake Road, about 8 km up. Snowing like mad, no visibility but lots of powder.

Yeah, bring it on!!! The snow that is.
Harry on his first mountain sled. Did I mention that he's 80.
Always have to stop at Cow Camp for our annual photo. Remember, you can click on any of the photos to enlarge.

Check out the new "onesie" racing outfit.
Seemed to take us awhile to make any distance. Goggle fog problems.
Lunch break. A warm-up shack would have been nice.
No day would be complete without a few stucks.
It was the rider in front who caused this stuck. Ooops.

Harry gets to supervise this one.

More throttle next time.
Despite the lack of visibility, we found lots of untouched deep snow, some meadows and lakes to play on and a bit of ditch play (unintentional). As always, a fun day.

Thursday, January 18

Windy Mountain Ride 2

If at first you don't succeed, then try and try again.

Ride #2 to Windy Mountain came with some successes - new signage and 3/4 of the trail is packed with a good base...and  the 2 big spruce trees are no longer blocking the trail. Still a few more trees near the top that have to come out.

Just because you're going in the right direction, doesn't mean you will get to where you are going.

Energetic riders at the start of the day
A big welcome to our new rider, Richard. It was his first time out with the club and first time riding a sled. He did awesome and we reassured him that it does get easier. This ride did have moments of aerobic activity - combined with 10 extra pounds of gear, who says riding isn't a workout!

After a few challenges near the top, we decided to turn the sleds around.
Looks like someone worked up an appetite
We came down via the alternate trail - the side sloping one. Good practice for those who were out of practice. Ended up on Boundary Road with great powder conditions. Had to backtrack since the 8200 Road is plowed but going back up the trail was easier than coming down since it now has a packed base.

End of the day - already getting dark. Yes, a few tired riders.
A tree came down on the trail while we were out riding and they plowed the Windy Mountain Road. 

Stay tuned for Windy Mountain Ride #3. We will get pictures of us eating lunch up top.

Monday, January 8

Windy Mountain Ride

It was time for a Club ride up Windy Mountain since we hadn't been up there in several years due to logging.
Fresh snow to start the day. Bring it on.
Sun was trying to make an appearance
Trail head to Windy

Jim took over the lead on the trail up the mountain since Marcel was on the Club's Skandic. It was overdue for a ride and despite being a brute, Marcel was having a blast riding it - like riding a Cadillac.
It appears that we were the first one's up the trail this season. It's getting quite overgrown and had more obstacles than we remembered.

Hey - where did the trail go??

Oh, here's the trail. Good thing for signage.

Between riding the Skandic and cutting trees, Marcel was really earning his lunch.

Had lunch on the trail since we still hadn't made it to the top. More trees down on the trail so Jim and Marcel decided to ride ahead (without the Skandic) and see if it was possible to get to the top. Not this ride. Need to go back with a bigger chainsaw. Apparently it was more work to turn the sleds around then it would have been to cut the trees. 

Fun day even if we didn't make it to the top. Good company and great to be outdoors all day.

Thursday, January 4

1st Ride of 2018

The Club had to cancel our traditional New Year's day ride due to cold temperatures, but finally a break in the cold snap allowing us to get out there.

Full moon morning and clear skies.

Where were all the new riders? Only 6 "old" riders showed up.

Someone got a new ride. Goodbye kitty cat - hello Polaris!
We had planned to ride north to Hager Mountain and area but the road had been freshly plowed. That's what happens when you're riding midweek.
So off we went to Thuya Lakes area exploring all the logging roads out that way. Good easy ride to start the year. If it was so easy, why do I have a few sore muscles today!!!

Perfect blue bird day. Aren't we lucky to live in the Cariboo and experience this.
This is where our trail to Patrick Lake should be. Need more snow and the trees are sure getting in the way.

Creating a turn around in the overgrown road.

Now that we have gotten the skis back in the powder, bring on winter. Check your emails for details for the next ride.