Monday, January 8

Windy Mountain Ride

It was time for a Club ride up Windy Mountain since we hadn't been up there in several years due to logging.
Fresh snow to start the day. Bring it on.
Sun was trying to make an appearance
Trail head to Windy

Jim took over the lead on the trail up the mountain since Marcel was on the Club's Skandic. It was overdue for a ride and despite being a brute, Marcel was having a blast riding it - like riding a Cadillac.
It appears that we were the first one's up the trail this season. It's getting quite overgrown and had more obstacles than we remembered.

Hey - where did the trail go??

Oh, here's the trail. Good thing for signage.

Between riding the Skandic and cutting trees, Marcel was really earning his lunch.

Had lunch on the trail since we still hadn't made it to the top. More trees down on the trail so Jim and Marcel decided to ride ahead (without the Skandic) and see if it was possible to get to the top. Not this ride. Need to go back with a bigger chainsaw. Apparently it was more work to turn the sleds around then it would have been to cut the trees. 

Fun day even if we didn't make it to the top. Good company and great to be outdoors all day.

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