Thursday, October 17

"Meet and Greet" and Facebook Page

Hope everyone is doing a "snow dance" for the upcoming riding season!

Our next meeting will be our "Meet and Greet" to welcome new members and hopefully for "old members" to register their membership for the upcoming season.

Meeting to be held at Wildman's meeting room (downstairs) - Nov. 13th - 6 pm
Dinner at Wildman's Restaurant - 7 pm

Mark the date on your calendar and plan to attend.  Invite any interested sledders or newbies to the sport.

We now have a Facebook page.  This will be used for reminders and general links and info that may be of interest to the club.  This is a public page so you do not need a Facebook profile to view it.
If you have a profile on Facebook, then "Like" our page and feel free to contribute, post photos or comment.
Here's the link: