Monday, January 9

Jan. 8th Ride - King Lakes & Beyond

Even though the rides are supposed to be cancelled if it is -15 or colder, sometimes everyone just shows up ready to ride.  -19C in the morning and blue skies.

A trail riding day - exploring different routes and trying to bypass the plowed logging roads.

 We started the morning playing around on Earl & Michelle's property to warm up.

King of his field.

Heading off to explore the trails.

West King Lake - staying warm so far.

Good visibility for a change but it didn't help us find the road we were looking for. We rode around the different logging slashes looking for a road that was there 2 years ago but determined that the road must have been rehabbed.

The road wasn't the only thing that was missing. Looks like a few riders are missing their sleds!

Jim ended the day with a broken visor on his helmet (from the crazy trail into English Lake) and a broken ramp for his sled deck. He had to find a snowbank that was tall enough to get the sled onto the deck. Ooops, the first snowbank didn't work.

This little windshield was just in the way!!
Success at last. Got a little airborne but finally loaded.

Monday, January 2

New Years Day Ride 2017

Happy New Year everyone.

What a terrific way to begin the new year. Temperatures of - 12C, sunshine and lots of powder.
8 riders started their new year off doing what they love! A big welcome to our new rider, Vic.

Met at the Wavey Lake Road, then off to Cow Camp. Some of us hadn't been in that area in years due to logging activity.

From there, we rode to "Pickup Lake". Don't know what the lake is really called but regardless of the name, there was lots of powder.

Then we were off to Hager Mountain breaking trail through the deep powder. Absolutely no base so you just had to keep the power on. For those of us who haven't been riding in some time, after a few minor stucks, it was "game on".  Lunch was at our usual stopping place on the knoll.

Our leader was first to check out some higher ground. Not recommended until we get more snow to cover the obstacles.

Lots of minor "stucks" throughout the day. We had just been talking about the term "ditch pickle", so the photo above illustrates that term!

Made it up to "the burn". This was the first of many stops on that trail to cut trees. Riding at the back has it advantages. The trail is not cleared through to Deka yet. Another day.

Knowing how to do the back stoke is helpful.

Trying to find bottom.

Hopefully the club can get out riding again midweek (weather dependent).