Monday, January 9

Jan. 8th Ride - King Lakes & Beyond

Even though the rides are supposed to be cancelled if it is -15 or colder, sometimes everyone just shows up ready to ride.  -19C in the morning and blue skies.

A trail riding day - exploring different routes and trying to bypass the plowed logging roads.

 We started the morning playing around on Earl & Michelle's property to warm up.

King of his field.

Heading off to explore the trails.

West King Lake - staying warm so far.

Good visibility for a change but it didn't help us find the road we were looking for. We rode around the different logging slashes looking for a road that was there 2 years ago but determined that the road must have been rehabbed.

The road wasn't the only thing that was missing. Looks like a few riders are missing their sleds!

Jim ended the day with a broken visor on his helmet (from the crazy trail into English Lake) and a broken ramp for his sled deck. He had to find a snowbank that was tall enough to get the sled onto the deck. Ooops, the first snowbank didn't work.

This little windshield was just in the way!!
Success at last. Got a little airborne but finally loaded.

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