Monday, February 25

Hager Mountain Ride - Sat Feb 23rd

We should have Earl and Michelle plan all of our rides.  Not only did they provide us with great weather but the snow conditions were incredible.
14 riders set off from Deka Lake for a ride via the Windy Mountain Road and the "burn" area trail to Mt. Hager.

Photos taken by Michelle and Kathi.

1st on the Burn

This mountain isn't high enough!!

Arrival at Mt. Hager .....ready for some fun

The "unstuck" crew is kept busy all day.
Good thing we have a large work crew

Syd demonstrates tunelling
Earl's ditch pickle
Greg and Denise have front row seating

Look at the "Abominal Snowman" riding a sled
Some riders didn't get stuck or at least not captured by camera!!

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end.
Happy trails.  Heading home tired and smiling :)

Friday, February 22

More Pics - Big Tim

A few more great photos of our ride to Big Tim on Wed.
Thanks to Michelle for submitting the photos.
Don't these photos make you want to ride there!!!

Syd weaves his way through the snowmen

Waiting for the sun to appear

Michelle amongst a world of snowmen

Big Timothy Mountain - Feb 20th

The weather forecast for Wed. was for sun.  A golden opportunity to ride back into Big Timothy via Hendrix Lake.  I can't say enough about this riding area, especially on a glorious blue sky day with fresh powder.

Check out the photos of our day taken by Jeanne and Kathi (click to enlarge if you wish):

Made it to the top this time!
Specks of sleds in a marshmallow world
Eric joins the day with a flyover

Off to a new area

Peak of Big Timothy in background

Ready to shred...

"Doo" meeting

Jeanne in the wide expanse

Formation riding
Endless views

What a way to spend the day!

Tuesday, February 19

Fun Day - Sat. Feb 16th

Don't we always choose the days for our rides!  What a mix of weather - sleet, hail, snow, fog, and yaaay - a little bit of sunshine.

We decided to head out to Smith Lake again since the snow conditions are always good out there.  Marcel informed us - "no playing or detours along the way - we'll save that for the afternoon."

When we headed up into the logging slash that takes us over to that side, we could barely see the riders in front of us.  It soon cleared up for our lunchtime campfire and was feeling quite warm.

Not a dead tree to be found here for a campfire.

Finally - one dead tree beside the road!
Lunchtime  at last.

 After lunch, we set off to do some exploring.  The weather quickly changed to blizzard like conditions.
Jan decided that the guys needed some exercise after lunch.

Janet got tired of waiting so was practicing some sidehilling....
Back to the Thuya side
We did several detours onto side roads on the way out and rode back into the "taj mahal" tree fort area again.  This time it was easier to get into since we had a base from the last time we were in there.
The day went much too quickly and it was time to head back to the parking area to load up.

Funny how both Geoff's couldn't seem to find their brakes.

No cooking again.  We all went to the Opax Mountain Cafe for an early dinner of lasagna, salad and breads.   What a delicious way to end the day.

Thanks to Jeanne, Syd and Geoff for submitting the great photos.

Wednesday, February 13

More Pics

Here's a couple more photos from our ride on Saturday, Feb. 9th to the Hendrix / Big Timothy area.
Photos taken by Jeanne.

Scenic and great snow conditions.

Monday, February 11

Hendrix - Big Timothy Ride

What an amazing riding area!!
Untouched powder, awesome scenery, hills, meadows and challenges (if desired).
11 sledders met on Sat. Feb. 9th and rode into this area via the Hendrix Mine Road.
Weather was intermittent with some sun, windy at times and poor visibility at other times.  We didn't make it to the peak of Big Tim due to poor visibility....but there's always a future ride.

Check out these photos taken by Marcel and Kathi.  Click to enlarge (as with any photo on this blog).

Getting our bearings

Wouldn't want to get stuck in this draw - looks a lot tamer now that the sled's out.

Trying to keep up with the experienced riders.

Looking for adventure...

Friday, February 8

108 Mile Trails

When:  Wed. Feb. 6th

Who:   12 club members

Where:  108 Heritage Site




Stuck time: