Saturday, December 29

Lots of Snow

Some of us couldn't wait for the club's first scheduled ride.  On December 22nd, 9 riders met at the Opax parking lot to check out the snow on the Monticola side of the highway with a few riders  testing out their new sleds.  Norm had his trusty chainsaw and put that to work clearing the trail to cow camp.  I think we packed a good base into there now.  As you can see from the photo below, there's lots of snow!!
Hope to see everyone out on the New Year's Day ride to the Dusty Rose Pub.

Friday, December 21

Wednesday, December 12

Trail Work

Norm, our trail committee chairman, organized a work party to scout out the conditions of some of our area trails.  A beaver's dam was blocking the trail to Windy Mountain, but now we have a by-pass around it.

Tuesday, December 11

New Blog

Welcome to our new blog.
Hopefully everyone is getting excited to ride again and are making sure their sleds are in good working order.  Look at all of that snow out there!  Keep it coming.

Just posting a few photos from last season's riding to get us enthusiastic about the upcoming sledding season.

Click on photos to enlarge:

Checking out the snow on the 620 Road

Big Timothy ride - March 24, 2012

Fun Day at Cougar Lake- Feb 12, 2012

On the way out to riding area - Wells, March 11, 2012

Hager Mountain - Feb 4, 2012