Monday, December 28

Snowmobile Operator Safety Course

Did you know that the BCSF now offers an online Snowmobile Operator Safety course?
Students who complete this online snowmobile safety course get a certificate and an insurance discount.
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Tuesday, December 15

Snow Conditions at Interlakes

We've been getting lots of emails from people coming up for the holidays and wondering whether to bring their sleds.
It snowed most of the day on Sun. Dec, 12th.  Also some new snow again this morning.
There's a good 5 inches of new snow on top of a frozen layer with at least another 5 inches of snow under that ice layer.
Snow is good in the higher elevations.
Are the trails good to ride?  Our club hasn't been on any trails yet.  Might still be sparse in the treed areas but hopefully more snow coming this week.  Logging roads will be good.
Lakes are NOT safe to go on yet.  Still open water on some area lakes.