Sunday, February 25

Back Country Fun

No shortage of snow this year. Best riding conditions in a long time.
Can venture into the same area twice and it's as if we've never been there.

Saturday's ride included a bit of logging road riding, play time in the logging slashes, some lake play and a bit of ditch play.

Couples who ride together have more fun!!

Lake play 

Group photo time ....groan.

Used to play in this logging slash - trees have sure grown - the black speck in the trees is a sled

Quick rollover

Experimenting with black and white photography

Looks like the sweep's sled. STUCK...can't be - must be someone else riding it.

This is what the view is like when you finally get off the trail

What are they all doing in the ditch?

Ooops moment
Always a good day when everyone has fun. Some riders are enjoying back to back riding days. Oh, if only there were no sore muscles at the end of the day.

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