Sunday, February 11

Plan A, Plan B, No plan

Woke up expecting the ride to be cancelled due to cold temperatures. Our Prez used reverse psychology and sent us an email saying "cancel if you want" but it's supposed to warm up to -8 in the afternoon.

Hopeful that the weather forecasters are right.
We had plans to ride into the "Taj"but the Thuya Lake Road had been plowed. Okay, off we go to Blowdown Road - plowed too. Those *%#@* loggers took our snow away from that one too!!
Let's just go and find some snow.

Found lots of snow, logging roads and slashes to play in.

Enough snow to ride right over most anything

Family fun

We got in, we have to get out.

Fashionable rider - all coordinated.
Glad our enthusiastic president convinced us that we couldn't pass up on this day. Everyone had a great time and made good use of the extra daylight in the evening.

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