Tuesday, January 19

Riding Not Blogging

 Ride a day, skip a day - otherwise known as CSD - Compulsive Sledding Disorder.

Despite needing more snow, the Club continues finding places to ride. Did 2 rides from the Windy Mountain gravel pit, cleared the trail that leads to the 8200 Road. Haven't been on that trail in years and not planning to go back unless we get a foot of new snow (brutal). Lots of trees down and 3 creek crossings. Trail is clear up to Windy Mountain.

Yesterday's ride from Opax was fun even if we didn't quite make it to our destination. 

Braap pack

When your wife steals your new sled and leaves you with the 600

"Don't follow me, you won't make it" says the leader

Spot the riders disguised as a clump of trees

Logging opening up new views

Lots of trenches this year - creeks haven't frozen

Playing peek-a-boo on the trail up to Windy

How do you like me now?

Can't see the forest for the trees

 Stumbled on a cabin in the woods on our travels. 

Monday, January 4

Bloggity blog blog

Happy New Year! Hope you've had a chance to get out on your sleds.
The season is shaping up with good snow. Lots of riding areas not accessible due to logging and plowed roads. I think we say this every year. Trying to plan rides around it.
Posting a few random photos.

Smile, even when your situation appears hopeless

Doing some roadwork (first you see me, now you don't

When you look back after having help getting dug out

I don't usually get stuck but when I do, someone's taking a picture

Less talky, more riding

Waiting for the rest of them to catch up

Blast from the past - Prez in 2010 

Wednesday, December 30

Tracking up the backcountry

 Why ride? I guarantee, you won't be thinking of your "to do" list or world problems. You might be strategizing how you can climb that hill or concentrating on winding your way through the trees or just following along on the logging road. 

You will see some amazing scenery, get some exercise - YES, exercise. It's more than just sitting on a seat, although if you want to ride that way, you can but you won't make it off the trail or through the deep snow. You will meet some great people who enjoy getting out and exploring. 

The next questions always asked is: "Don't you get cold?" Proper gear keeps you warm and dry and is money well spent. Usually you're removing a layer. 

You will learn skills by watching other riders and learning what NOT to do. Our club members have various skill levels.


Miles of scenery

Logging going on ahead - team work!

Fluffy powder

Someone "usually" knows the way, they did on this ride!

Lots of help for those "oops" moments

Jeanne's hill - she should have been here to demonstrate how it's done

Being adventurous

Fun and freedom

And the only way to become a better rider is to ride. 

Thursday, December 24

Pre-Christmas Ride

Great to be out riding so much before Christmas. Seize the opportunity, you never know what's in store for the winter. The Farmers Almanac is predicting a cold January.

Best way to start the morning

Check out the snow. And it gets deeper.

If you're going to get stuck, do it where there's a view

Eyeing up a shortcut

Ditch jumping

Can doo it with a Doo

We saw a flash of red streak by - could it be Santa?

Beautiful view

Never holding anyone up when you ride at the back

 Merry Christmas everyone (if you celebrate). Where's all the women riders? You're missing out on a ton of fun.

Monday, December 21

Big Tim Ride

You know it's going to be a good day when the road in is like riding into a Christmas card. 10 riders, a few new sleds, a few new riders, some "old" riders, some old sleds wanting to be new, a few cobra bungees working magic and lots of fresh powder.


Hendrix Lake greeting committee

Out of bounds

Always a rewarding view

Like dominoes, we all fall down

Waiting a long time for the trail breakers to return

Blue sled, blue sky but not a blue mood

Skis down again

Never did see the top of Big Tim but so much fun anyway. 

Monday, December 14

First Ride of the Season

First ride was December 4th - earliest we have ever ridden. Not so patiently waiting for more snow.

Sun and snow - perfect combination

Waiting on a woman!!!

More snow than expected for Dec 4th

Breaking in the bodies - gentle first ride

Hoping to ride again before Christmas - snow in the forecast this week....so maybe .....